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lavabo con pedestal de piedra de ónix ps-041a-ho2

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Most Popular Kitchen Sink Styles
Jul 27, 2019

Most Popular Kitchen Sink Styles

Most Popular Kitchen Sink Styles From washing hands to cleaning dishes, your sink plays an essential role in the function and design of your kitchen, so the style of kitchen sink you choose is important. The following are several popular styles of kitchen sinks for your selection.   1 Prep sinks: This kind of kitchen sink is generally smaller, it is not only be used for preparing food but also as an extra space for washing dishes or washing hands.   2 Farmhouse sinks: This also called apron sinks that has a deep, rectangular basin and an exposed front. Farmhouse sinks are the most popular style till now, as it comes in a range of sizes and shapes, from top mounted sink to under mounted sink, single bowl sink as well as double bowl sink.   The material we recommend is stone farmhouse sinks, that is very easy to install and clean, and bring a luxury feeling to your kitchen.     3 Trough sinks: Trough sinks are large, narrow sinks, that means they’re perfect for multiple people doing prep and clean work side by side at the same time.   4 Seamless sinks: This style is called seamless one in which the surface of the countertop flows seamlessly into the sink, it look is very clean, minimal and modern. This type of installation is less common, but it can be customized to fit any specifications.  

Carrara Marble Products
Jul 20, 2019

Carrara Marble Products

The city of Carrara,located in the north-central Tuscany region of Italy, it is famous for its rich white marble, which has played an important role in the construction industry since ancient times. For two thousand years, people have been mining marble on the Carrara Mountains to show treasure to the world.Looking from afar, under the vast mountains, there are buried marble treasures that have been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years. Because of white stone’s pure and soft texture and complemented by the elegant and natural veins. It has become a favorite of designers and proprietor, since ancient times. It is widely used as the decoration and decorative material for the high-end hotels, high-end villas and high-end leisure places. Sunshine Stone Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer of natural stone sanitary wares, demand a larger and larger quantity of Carrara marble blocks which is used for manufacturing marble wash basins and marble bathtubs. For getting a stable quality, supply and also competitive prices, the president decide to buy blocks from quarries directly. Disk saw cutting on each side is the first procedure and one of the most important steps, when the blocks arrive at factory. Clear faces will show how the veins look like and how the crack goes. Designer and engineer will judge and cut the perfect part out of the block. Then second procedure. Hand cutting to shaping a basic outline, dig a hollow and drilling the drain hole. And following up is the hand shaping. This is a real strict step testing the real ability of Engravers. It may be easy to make basin or bathtub works, but difficult to make it beautiful. Finality is for surface treatment. Gloss polished or honed as per customers’ requirement. By now, after inspection, the products are ready to ship.

 Journey to Shanhai for Kitchen & Bath China 2019
Jun 15, 2019

Journey to Shanhai for Kitchen & Bath China 2019

The KBC show, full name is 2019 24th China (Shanghai) International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition, the largest and most influential international kitchen and bathroom exhibition in Asia after the Frankfurt and Milan exhibitions. It is known as the “Bathroom Oscar” in China. It is not only the “wind vane” and “barometer” of the domestic kitchen and toilet industry, but also the channel for domestic and foreign trade of Chinese kitchen and bathroom products, and the preferred procurement platform for international kitchen and bathroom products buyers. Has a significant influence in the industry. As a new exhibitor for the show, Sunshine Stone Co., Ltd. brings its traditional hand-made main products. 2019 new design marble counter top basin series and cabinet with marble basins series. Found in 2004, Sunshine Stone has grown to be the expert of kitchen and bathroom basins and other stone products. With professional service and great sincerity, Sunshine Stone is looking forward to work with you.

New Material - White Travertine
Apr 19, 2019

New Material - White Travertine

Travertine is a natural stone such as Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Slate etc. and the key characteristics of Travertine stone are the holes within the stone which are caused by carbon dioxide evasion. Travertine are available in many different colors, like beige, brown, yellow, red, etc. and we have added White Travertine to our offering recently.    White Travertine is available in big blocks that we could produce kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, toilets, shower trays, vanity tops, floor tiles, etc. in it. Welcome to contact Sunshine Stone if you have inquiry for White Travertine products. 

The 24th Kitchen & Bath China 2019 Booth No.3W228
Mar 06, 2019

The 24th Kitchen & Bath China 2019 Booth No.3W228

We will attend the 24th Kitchen & Bath China fair, below please find our booth information. If you are interested in any stone kitchen sinks, stone bathroom basins and bathtubs, welcome to visit us.   Fair: The 24th Kitchen & Bath China 2019 Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center Booth No.: 3W228 Time: 27th-30th May.,2019 Monday-Wednesday 27th-29th May. ,2019      09:00-18:00 Thursday 30th May                                        09:00-15:00  

¿Cómo hacer bosque negro de piedra sumideros a partir de bloques?
Jan 22, 2019

¿Cómo hacer bosque negro de piedra sumideros a partir de bloques?

El mármol del bosque de piedra es negro con líneas blancas,también llamado nero marquina chino. Se pertenece al mármol y la densidad ronda los 2.69 g / m3. la caracteristicas lineas blancas y oxido Las capas se deben generalmente a diversas impurezas minerales tales comoarcilla,limo, arena, óxidos de hierrooesquistoLe mostraremos cómo bosque de piedra negro sumiderosHecho de bloques paso a paso como abajo. cantera de mármol negro bosque de piedra Los bloques se extraen de la cantera pieza por pieza sin cortar las caras. Si desea ver claramente cómo se verán las venas, puede pedirle al proveedor que corte las caras como en la siguiente foto, pero tendrá un costo adicional. Una vez que los bloques llegan a nuestra fábrica, comenzamos a cortar los bloques grandes en la sierra de discos como se muestra en la siguiente foto. normalmente tomará 3-4 días para terminar un bloque. El siguiente paso será el corte a mano como se muestra en la siguiente foto, por lo tanto, de piezas grandes a piezas pequeñas en este paso. Paso 3: taladrar el desagüe del fregadero como se muestra en la siguiente foto. paso 4: modelado a mano, este paso es el más difícil e importante, ya que relata cómo se verán los sumideros del bosque de piedra. La mano de obra exquisita hará que los lavamanos se vean mucho mejor. paso 5: pulido a mano, después de esto, nacerán los sumideros del bosque de piedra. Aquí está el fregadero negro de piedra acabado, ¿te gusta?

lavabo con pedestal de piedra de ónix ps-041a-ho2

una mano tallada independientefregaderos de pedestal de ónixagregue belleza e interés a su baño de polvo, si instala una bombilla dentro del pedestal de ónix, la luz brillará a través de la piedra, lo que agregará una apariencia absolutamente única a su baño.
  • modelo :

  • origen:

    Quanzhou, China
  • Plazo de ejecución:

    15-30 days
  • Puerto:

    Xiamen, China
  • Pago:

    T/T or L/C At Sight
  • MOQ:

  • USAGE:


  • COLOR:

  • Detalle del producto

nombre del producto: lavabo con pedestal de piedra de ónix ps-041a-ho2

tipo: fregadero del pedestal del artículo sanitario / del cuarto de baño

material: ónice de miel

otra opción de materiales: piedra de granito, piedra caliza, travertino, piedra azul, piedra de mármol, etc.

opción de forma: una variedad de estilos

terminar: pulido / mate / bushhammer / natural split, etc.

tiempo de producción: 15-30 días dependiendo de nuestro horario de pedidos

tiempo de envío del océano: 15-40 días sujeto a su puerto de destino

nuestra ventaja:

1. materiales de primera mano importados de muchos países diferentes por nosotros mismos

2. fabricante original de la fabricación de lavabos de pedestal de piedra, lavabos de pedestal de ónix, lavabos de pedestal

3. cada paso de producción tiene un control de calidad strick

4. rica experiencia de importación y exportación

Honey Onyx Stone Pedestal Sink

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